Saturday, December 10, 2011

The private health insurance of the Halle

The Halle has for its customers in various stages of a health insurance offer. The private health insurance offers employees who are voluntarily insured by law, self-employed, freelancers and protection officials. Private health insurance is offered in two tariffs. Even for students, the private health insurance at a special rate.

Private health insurance with flexible deductibles
Private health insurance is offered in the hall's collective levels "Primo" and "NK"."Primo" is the cheaper price of health insurance. It offers the full protection of private health insurance. By choosing the bonus model enables employees in health insurance annually save 360 € contributions, which are then deducted from the payment of benefits. Freelancers and self-employed can choose from different deductibles , select 300-1200 €, to lower the premiums.

The Halle-tariff "NK" offers higher co-payments,.. So are drugs from the first € assumed to be 100 percent also gets the insured chief medical treatment and accommodation in single or twin room is also in charge "NK" employees have the choice of the bonus model Here € 720 will be credited annually. Self-employed can choose deductibles 0-3000 €. Rates in both the private health insurance, it is possible to get reimbursed retroactively to 3 monthly payments, if not provided by health insurance has been claimed.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

German health insurance published study on the life of the Germans

PKV: German health insurance published study on the life of the Germans
Unhealthy lifestyles

The vast majority of Germans living unhealthy. This is the result of a survey of German private health insurance Krankenversicherung AG (DKV), in cooperation with the German Sports University in Cologne. Accordingly, the Germans move eat too little, too fat and have too much stress.

The German health insurance wanted to know. How healthy live Germans? As private health insurance, the DKV naturally a great interest in the health of their insured. The survey of 2,500 West Germans wanted the DKV test the general condition in the population. Only about one in seven met the minimum requirements. The large proportion of the population lives, therefore unhealthy.

The parameters included for the health nutrition, exercise, stress, nicotine and alcohol consumption. Especially with the movement and the food is difficult when the German. Every second person eats unhealthy. One in three does not take sufficient fruits and vegetables.

Monday, August 9, 2010

health insurance in court

The plaintiff sued his employer under the association provision of the ADA, alleging that his employer failed to offer him a full-time position because of his wife's multiple sclerosis, which could have potentially increased the costs of covering the plaintiff's health insurance.231
The plaintiff's only evidence that this issue played a role in the decisionmaking process was his testimony that the plant manager had overheard a discussion between the plaintiff and a co-worker regarding the plaintiff's need for health insurance. According to the plaintiff, the plant manager "listened intently" to the conversation between the plaintiff and his co-worker, during which the plaintiff spoke about both his wife's illness and the company's medical coverage. This conversation occurred approximately one month prior to the employer's decision not to offer the plaintiff a full-time position. The only other evidence the plaintiff submitted to support his contention that his supervisor heard the conversation was that the plaintiff had been able to hear a conversation between his supervisor and a coworker while standing fifteen feet away. The plaintiff offered no further testimony that his supervisor had heard any other illness-related discussions, and he indicated that his supervisor never discussed the issue

Friday, July 23, 2010

healthy living and insurance

On this blog we are going to investigate the relationship between healthy living and insurance.